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EAA Young Eagles - Ask the Expert

Question :
Who was the first person to ride in an airplane as a passenger? Carolyn
Answer :
Hi Carolyn,

Charles Furnas of West Milton, Ohio, was the first airplane passenger. He first flew with Wilbur Wright on the Wright Flyer 3 on May 14, 1908. That same day, he also took flight with Wilbur Wright, becoming one of very few people who flew with both Wright brothers. Charles was a mechanic for the Wright brothers and was on board, not only as a passenger, but also to monitor the engine on the airplane. So that also made him the first Flight Engineer!
You can read more about Charles Furnas and the Wright brothers here: http://www.first-to-fly.com/History/History%20of%20Airplane/mechanic.htm

Sue Lurvey
EAA Library

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