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EAA Young Eagles - Ask the Expert

Question :
Who invented the first jet plane? Caroline
Answer :
Hi Caroline,
Germany’s Dr. Hans von Ohain and England’s Sir Frank Whittle are both recognized as being the inventors of the practical jet engine. Each worked separately and knew nothing of the other's work.
Whittle was the first to register a patent for the turbojet engine in 1930. Hans von Ohain was granted a patent for his turbojet engine in 1936.
Whittle's engine was successfully bench-tested in 1937 (not in an airplane. Whittle failed to find a financial backer and his progress was hampered.
Hans von Ohain's jet, the Heinkel He178, flew for the first time on August 27, 1939. The pilot on this historic first flight of a jet-powered airplane was Flight Captain Erich Warsitz.
Sir Frank Whittle’s jet aircraft, a Gloster Pioneer, first flew on May 15, 1941, with Flight Lieutenant P. E. G. Sayer as pilot.
There is are also some who believe Henri Coanda, a pioneer of Romanian aviation, invented the jet in 1910. The evidence is not conclusive, however.
Thanks for asking!
Steve Buss
EAA Young Eagles

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