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EAA Young Eagles - Ask the Expert

Question :
I am a retired elementary teacher writing a high school level book about early aviation. In my research I have found several early aviators who used whirling arm devices to experiment with wing shapes and learn about angles of attack. I want to explain these devices in my book, but I can't because I don't understand them myself. Can you explain them to me or refer me to a book or website that can? Thanks.
Answer :
We would suggest the following books and web sites as a good place to start:

1. TAKING FLIGHT by Richard Hallion; Oxford Univ Press, 2003
2. AVIATION: An Historical Survey by Charles Gibbs-Smith; HMSO, 1970
3. HISTORY OF AERODYNAMICS, A by John D. Anderson, Jr.; Cambridge Univ Press,1997
These books can probably be found online by using the search engine: http://www.bookfinder.com

Web Sites: http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/WindTunnel/history.html
Good Luck,
EAA Young Eagles

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